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Boss 1415 HB

The Boss 1415 HB is equipped with an even more powerful engine, an overdrive gearbox and best-in-class turning radius. Your 14-ton Boss delivers on time, every time. A marvel of aesthetic engineering, combining form and function to create the ultimate ICV. The perfect balance between payload and performance, the Boss 1415 HB specially designed for higher payloads and is the ideal fit for applications parcel and logistics, e-commerce, fruits / vegetables, poultry, white goods, FMCG, auto parts, industrial goods beverages.




Performance Like a Boss:

  • Proven 150 HP H4 engine with i-Gen6 technology

  • Superior cable shift mechanism for better driving comfort

  • Parabolic suspension in front for superior ride comfort

  • Radial / tubeless tyres

  • 330 mm clutch

World class cabin:

  • Sleeping provision in day cab

  • Music system

  • Adequate ventilation

  • Pedestrian view

  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

  • Projected metallic bumper

  • Clear headlamps

i-Gen6 advantage

Taking the proven iEGR technology up a notch, we are introducing i-Gen6, the Innovative, Intelligent and Indian engine technology, which enhances the engine performance and durability further. With lower AdBlue consumption and compact design, iGen-6 lowers the cost of operation per ton-km, offering increased payload and low maintenance. The unique Mid-NOx strategy ensures overall lower cost of ownership as compared to competition.

ADDA - Advanced Digital Driver Assist

The new Boss now comes equipped with the Advanced Digital Driver Assist (ADDA) that helps the drivers improve their driving efficiency, performance and safety. Gear Shift Advisory System (GSAS) indicates to the driver the correct time to shift up / down the gear. The instrument cluster shows instantaneous fuel economy and distance to empty. Reverse Park Alert Systems (RPAS) assists in reverse driving and parking and alerts the driver with a large beep. Auto exhaust brake improves service brakes’ life and reliability by activating automatic exhaust braking during downhill operation.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Boss Specs 1.png
Boss Specs 2.png
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