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The revolutionary industry first truly modular trucks – AVTR from Ashok Leyland Shalimar will help take your business to the next level. These trucks have modules with a standard interface, which lets you customize your trucks as per your needs, making them the most efficient for your business. You get a diverse range of options based on your load, terrain, and application requirements, with a promise of low maintenance on whatever you choose. Not only this, but with improved performance, safety, reliability, efficiency, and comfort, you can choose what is most important to you that helps in saving expenses.

The new ICVs take the existing trucks to the next level to deliver higher fluid efficiency, improved reliability and durability, higher tyre life, lower maintenance cost and better driving comfort. The new ICV range offers you more power, cabin options, load body options, payload, comfort and savings.

Ashok Leyland Shalimar believes that you should be able to build your trucks just like you build your success – your way. We take the leap to the future, where you dream, and we deliver.

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